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Why the Cheapest Area Rug isn't the best option

If you just bought a house or looking to remodel your home where do you start? Where do you begin? Finding a rug with the right colors to accommodate what you have in your home may be a difficult task. Area rugs have a wide range of price points too so it can be confusing what type and quality of rug to get.

Let's take a typical 8'x11' rug for instance. There is usually around 3 categories of types of rugs that you can purchase: good, better, or best.

In the good category is where you'll find your cheapest rugs. These are the rugs that will maybe last a year or two and will cost around $200-$500 for a 8'x11'. These rugs, although cheaper, actually are worse because they have a lot of issues. They roll up on the edges, they are used with inexpensive material, and are not pleasurable to walk on, some might even scratch up your hardwoods and mess up your floors. They are what we call "get and go" rugs. At Foster's Rug Gallery we don't sell these kinds of rugs because they do not hold their quality.

In the better category is the 8'x11' you'll find for $500-$1200. These rugs that typical most people buy. They are the sort of rugs that last 15-20 years ( a significant increase in time for a small amount of more money) These rugs are kids friendly, pet friendly, and don't scratch your hardwoods. These rugs are comfortable on the feet and can come in wool.They also clean very well in case of spills or accidents. The majority of the rugs we have in stock at Foster's Rug Gallery are these kinds of area rugs. They come in contemporary, traditional and transitional designer styles.

The last category is the best category. These are the hand knot rugs or the rugs that have been hand made. An 8'x11' in this category cost anywhere from $2,500-$40,000 Just depending on how fancy you want to get. These rugs will last forever and are timeless pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation.


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