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Should I get a light rug or a dark rug?

There are a bunch of different houses, with a bunch of different floors, and a bunch of different lightings in each of those homes. All these factors play a part in choosing which rug is right for you. It can be a little daunting when knowing which is more appropriate in the right space. For instance, if you have dark floors, light furniture and a bunch of windows what rug should you choose?

Light rugs tend to make the living space seem larger. They "lighten" up the floor and expand the area. So with dark floors or dark furniture, this seems to be the best route.

There's also the inverse where your furniture is light and there is a lot of lighting. Like here there is some lightness in the drawers. You want a good balance between dark and light throughout the room.

Dark rugs tend to make the living space more intimate or cozy. They can also add some depth to a room that has light floor or a lot of windows.

This can be used to make a variation on different styles. Darker rugs will also make the space seem smaller, so keep that in mind.

Like the light on light, there is also an option to put dark rugs with dark rooms which cerates more of a masculine feel. Very intimate settings.

Along with light or dark rugs there is also some rugs that fit in the mid-range tones. Not dark and not light or have elements of both. These rugs are great if your looking for something neutral or with not too much of a change in your current style. Like this one below.

We hope this post helped a little bit! If you have any other questions feel free to call us at:

615-451-4838. We are a local family owned business and would love to help you on your rug journey.

-Michael Neal


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