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How to Place a Rug in Your Bedroom & What Size to Get

A couple questions we get asked are: What size rug do I need for my bedroom? How do I place the rug in my bedroom?

These are important questions because every home is different and there are a variety of different options you can choose from. The honest answer is that it mostly depends on your preferences. There are some rugs that cover more space and some that cover less space. This post will help by providing pictures and diagrams of bedrooms as well as some pictures to go along with it! The bed is roughly a queen size and there are also nightstands as basic furniture.

8'x11' Size -Horizontal

Being the most common size for a bedroom: the 8'x11' size, the longer side of the rug goes horizontal and under the bed. This provides the rug to be seen and also allows for your feet to touch the rug first thing in the morning, no matter what side you wake up on! Check out this example:

Example of 8'x11' Bedroom Rug

5'x8' Size- Horizontal

Like the 8'x11' size, the 5'x8' rug is faced horizontal too. It provides a little less coverage and is usually placed more to the front to showcase the rug. This also works if there is more furniture in the room and/or have limited floor space to work with. Check out this example below:

5'x8' Size- Vertical

Sometimes, when either space is limited or you have your bed up on the side of a wall or next to a window, having it horizontal won't work. In that instance, try picture framing a 5'x8' rug vertical with the bed. This allows the rug to be shown and also allows for your feet to be on the rug when you get up in the morning! Check out this example:

9'x12' Size- Horizontal

Like the 8'x11' size, the 9'x12' and even bigger sizes provide the maximum coverage of your bedroom. They may even go to the nightstand and be under those as well. These sizes are good if you have a wide area to cover. Look at this example:


Lastly, if you're looking for something simple, yet elegant, scatter rugs and runners can do the trick as well. This is a budget friendly option while also leaving under the bed open. 4'x6' sizes in the front and two 2'x8's make the bedroom seem covered. Also just simply one runner in the front like this example:

We hope this has been helpful and if you are in search of a bedroom rug, or a rug in general, feel free to come take a look at our selection at Foster's Rug Gallery at 463 South Water Avenue, Gallatin, TN or visit us online at to see a few selections of the rugs we carry.


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