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Designer Rugs in Nashville are here to stay!

Rugs are a true expression of ones home. What they look like on the floor and how they carry the different designs are all focused on the style of who owns the home. Being so close to Nashville, we are able to have a large variety of different styles and styled homes. From contemporary and neutral to bold and traditional and the transitional in the middle we carry a lot of different styles. Some of the most beautiful collections of rugs we have for sale are designer rugs, or rugs that have been given a designers flair to.

All these rugs are available in our showroom in Gallatin, TN, only a 25 minute drive from Nashville.

The first and most recent designer collection is Scott Living, also know as the Property Brother's Home Collection. They use some modern colors and patterns to go along with all the renovations that they can do in their homes. Here are a few examples of their rug collection:

Scott Living

Another wonderful designer collection that shows no fear of color is the Justina Blakeney's Collection by Loloi. Being an renowned interior designer, she is known for her BoHo aesthetic. Her rugs bring a pop of color to any room and really stand out above the rest!

Justina Blakeney

Finally, a designer collection that really carries both color and transitional elements is not a person but a company. The Rifle Paper Company has introduced some beautiful designer rugs that really showcase their design in the home.

Rifle Paper

Just another reminder that these designer rugs and their collections can be found right here in Gallatin, TN at Foster's Rug Gallery. Visit our showroom to see some of these rugs in stock!


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