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3 Different Rugs at 3 Different Price Points

Finding the perfect rug at the right price for your home can be a little tricky because there's a lot of varying prices when it comes to rugs. Mostly, these price reflect the quality of the rug and what the rug is made out of. Here are three different rugs at 3 different price points to help you get started!


Veranda Collection Rug- Orian

This rug is perfect if you are working on a budget. It's what we call a "grab and go" kind of rug. These rugs give you color and comfort that you wouldn't of had if it wasn't for this rug. It does have a thinner tuft (meaning that the fibers in it are more spread out).

Made Of: Polypropylene

Lasts: 1-3 years

Average Cost of 5'x8': $100-$200


Enigma Collection Rug- Karastan

Karastan rugs have been around forever and with that comes new advances in rugs. With their SmartStand Fiber they can produce quality rugs that feel exceptionally comfortable and are durable, even with pets and kids. These and other rugs at this price point are extremely fashionable and on trend. They have a thick tuft which helps make them last for such a long time. They are a bit more but that price reflects the quality and style.

Made Of: Karastan SmartStrand Fiber

Lasts: 5-20 years

Average Cost of 5'x8': $300-$500


Hand Knotted Rug

With hand knotted rugs, like the name suggests, they are hand made. They knot each rug with their own personal touch in each one. These rugs are one of a kinds. They are made of different kinds of wool and natural fibers which make them unique.

Made Of: Wool

Lasts: 20-60 Years

Average Cost of 5'x8': $700-$1300

These are just a few examples of the different prices of different rugs. The prices can differ based on the quality, what the rug was made out of, and who made it! Putting all those factors in can be a bit confusing sometimes. If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at or visit us in store at 463 South Water Ave. in Gallatin TN.

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