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4 Ways Rug Were Used on the Big Screen

There are rugs used in almost every TV show and movie that they put on the screen. The only problem is that you never get to see them because they are on the floor! Here are a couple of instances where you can catch a sneak at the rugs that they use in some of the biggest tv/movie hits!


1. Friends- Central Perk

A popular hangout for the gang, this New York coffee shop always had a sense of style. The rug that is used here is barely noticed until you actually start looking at the set. It brings the room together and gives it a more FRIEND-ly vibe.

Friends -Central Perk

2.Home Alone

In the middle of all the running around and turning the house into a weapon, Kevin is living in a house full of rugs. There are traditional rugs all over the house that help Kevin sneak a little bit better around the house!


3.The Great Gatsby

Nothing says reliving the roaring twenties like an elegant rug. With sophistication and luxurious lifestyles rugs like these helped make the glamorous Jay Gatsby look like emeralds in the night!



Making sure you have the right kind of rug is helpful when capturing the love of a princess.


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