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THREE YEAR UPDATE: what I’ve learned about rugs and small business

I started working at Foster‘s Rug Gallery about three years ago. It has been my father‘s business for over 25 years and he has taught me a lot about the rug industry and how to conduct a small business. Here are just a few things that I’ve learned throughout my time over the last couple of years:

As far as rugs go, I’ve learned a lot about design. Which colors are complimentary to each other and which styles fit best in each house. There is a myriad of rug styles to choose from! I’ve found the most interesting rugs are the ones that tell stories or the ones that have meanings behind them, but that being said they are all pretty pieces.

I’ve also learned that there are different price points when it comes to rugs depend ing on what you’re looking for and how long you want your rug to last. A general rule of thumb is the more A rug cost is reflective on quality. You could buy a $200 8x11 rug and it wont last and fray and curl on the edges or you could just get a $800 rug and it last 15-20 years with none of the problems. Learning that and what to look for in rugs is important.

As far as small business goes, I’ve learned that it helps when you have a community to surround you. I‘m thankful I get to work close with my parents and have them as my coworkers. Shopping local is important because it gives you the opportunity to give back to your community and to get a great deal while you’re at it! visit our showroom at 463 South Water Avenue Gallatin TN or give us a call at 615-451-4838 if you want to check out our selection of rugs or just get some ideas!


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