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Area Rugs 101

There are thousands of options when picking the right area rug. From color and design, to type and texture, and size. There are multiple factors that go into having the right kind of rug fit for your home, but where do you know where to start? Here are a few helpful tips and techniques for you to consider as you think about your rug:

1. Size- No two collection of rug sizes are the same. They are all a little bit different in the sense of size.You want to make sure to get a rug that fits the room the best. Rugs typically come in 4' x 6' , 5'x 8', 8' x 10', and 9'x12' The size of an area rug should go along with your furniture, not only in color but in size. You want a rug that is not too big but not to small either. Take a look here at some examples:

2: Color and Design- Along with size, another important factor is color and design. It is important that you get a rug that has the colors that accent your home the best. Along with color making sure you have the right kind of rug. There is traditional styles, transitional styles, and contemporary styles that can make a difference in any home.

3:Type and Texture- The type and texture of the rug are two more key elements in finding the rug. The type of rug explains what the rug is made of. The different types can include synthetic (polypropylene),jute, wool , New Zealand wool, viscose (bamboo fiber), and a microfiber. In all those types, they can be made different ways too which make up their texture: hand-knots, tipshear, high and low pile, and herringbone patterns are just a few examples of the multiple textures you can find in the rugs.


For more information on area rugs or how to place an area rug, feel free to contact us, Foster's Rug Gallery at or by phone at 615-451-4838

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