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What size of rug do I need? What's the right size rug for my room?

These questions are the starting questions that most people ask. The answer depends on how big the room or space you are trying to fit. Typically, rugs come in a scatter (2x3) size, a 4x6, 5x8, 8x11, and 9x13.  Finding the right size is one that brings the room together and fits the proper space. Look at the question below on how to place it in that proper space. 

 How do I place a rug in my room? 

Placing your rug properly is important because it can affect how it looks in your room. In a living room, you can have the front two feet of the sofa on the rug or you can have it under all the sofa, or not at all. It simply depends on your style and the size of rug that you want. Take a look the Our Work tab to see how we've placed some rugs in customers homes.

Does my rug need a pad?

We always suggest getting a pad for your rugs, especially if it is in a high traffic area. Our pads provide a strong grip to the floor and extends the life of the rug. It also provides a little extra cushion to give the rug a little more comfort and a little more bounce.

Wool or synthetic? What's the difference?

There are a few different fibers that are used to make rugs. The most popular are wool and a synthetic fiber. The few differences in the synthetic is that it is made by machine and is usually able to take more of the messes that come about with day to day living, not that the wool one won't be able to, but that it has more give in that area. The wool rugs are made, some hand knotted, some looped, and some tufted, to give the more elegant and plush feel to them. 

Why buy in store instead of online?

We encourage to buy in stores because it makes the process so much easier to do. Rugs are the #2 product customers return after buying online. The problem is color and the way it feels. The color might be "color correct" but it may not match exactly. The other problem is the way it feels, you can never know the plushness of the rug until you can touch it up close.  

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